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Since I’ve the first post over and done with, the second should logically be one outlining my summer plans 🙂 So in no particular order:

  • My Birthday Party – 3rd June! What started as a few friends seems to have escalated to quite the gathering apparently! I say apparently because technically I’m not the organiser… go figure. I look forward to it nonetheless!
  • Sky Dive – I’ve been holding out on it for quite a while, but I’m adamant that it’s getting done this summer. The next four months shall not pass without me taking that leap of faith (excuse the pun!)
  • Volunteering – I love working in the Loft – it’s the youth centre in Letterkenny, and I’ve been pretty much living there for years. After heading off to university I didn’t have much time to return to the place, so any extra time I have will be put towards helping out there!
  • House Hunting – I’ve set a criteria aside for the perfect home in September. Now I just need to find it! This’ll be Kelly, Conor and myself running about Dublin scoping places out. Can’t wait 🙂
  • Errigal Arts Festival – This is one of the best festivals annually held in Donegal. I absolutely love it! A whole load of artsy events and concerts and whatnot are held throughout the county over a week or so in July and a huge effort is put into the whole thing. Last year I went to light shows out on sand dunes, a drive-in showing of Dirty Dancing, a carnival parade on the streets of Letterkenny, a blues night, an abstract performance… IT’S ALWAYS SUCH A GOOD SHOW! Yup, I’m incredibly excited.
  • Mountain Climbing! Now this is definitely something that has to be done. I’ve never actually done Errigal (shocking, I know) but aside from that, there’s an Oxfam 50km trek I want to do in September and I’ll need to train up a bit for that! Of course it also means a hell of a load of fundraising, but that’s something everyone knows I’m into anyway, so we shall see how that one works out! I’m still at the early stages of the whole thing, I need to convince a few people to join my team before I commit to it! Wouldn’t it be quite the challenge though? 50km this year, the 100km next time round? Food for thought anyway…
  • More random picnics, tea parties, dinner gatherings, beach trips and general adventuring: This is reasonably self-explanatory. I quite enjoy picnics and love baking/cooking for a soiree. I feel I need to do more of this… and now I’ve a few months to indulge myself! As for the beach trips… Who doesn’t love a day at the beach? Regardless of the weather.
  • Photo Collecting! I went to the effort of buying myself a lovely camera last year, but very rarely use it. I think I may just go out of my way to get incredibly random photos over the summer… and indeed now I’ve just cause given this blog. It’s a win all round really.
  • Watch more movies. Everyone knows I never ever get round to watching all the conventional films. I only managed to get through Lord of the Rings recently enough, and that’s because I forced myself to dedicate time to them. I never see new releases and my knowledge of classics is genuinely dreadful. I intend to change this, or at least make an attempt at it, so it gets jotted on the to-do list.
  • Get incredibly organised with debates for September! I’ve been chosen as the Debates Convenor for the Literary and Historical Society (the debating society in UCD) so that means I’ve to dedicate quite a large part of my summer to picking debates to run next year in UCD and inviting famous/expert/passionate speakers to come talk at them! It’ll be quite a lot of phone calls, quite a lot of letters and emails… but it’ll be worth it.
  • Bitta waitressing…. Has to be done to fund the adventures I suppose.
  • Bitta touring… so many people have to be visited! Westport shall be hit, Dublin, Galway, Cork…
  • Touristy craic! I love acting like a tourist. Museums, art galleries, venues with a twist – I love them all. I’ve been heading around Dublin trying to figure out all the best places to visit (and I’ve formed quite the list which I’ve spent the past week or so ticking off) but I’d say there’s a good few places back home that might need to be toured!
That’s everything I can think of off the top of my head. More to follow no doubt.
Makes for an interesting few months hopefully!


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