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I’ve decided to create a second blog as a bit of a summer project of sorts. I’ve been using away at my private account – it’s basically an extended version of Twitter for me – 140 characters isn’t always enough to vent, so over the past few years I’ve been using the blog to ramble on about anything and everything in my world that I feel is worth writing about. Now I’ve decided that if I’m going to bother noting my ramblings, might as well make some of them public, thus this blog is born.

Best point out now that I more than likely won’t be a frequent user of this given the love I’ve formed for my other blog and given that this feels like a betrayal to it of forms, but I’ll give it a go anyway and see how things work out!

Basically, I’ve so many plans and mini projects that I’ve my head set on doing that I want somewhere to document it all. That way I’ll have something to look back on once the list is completed! And yes, it shall be completed.

Right, the first post is always the awkward one, so I’ll finish it here. Expect an array of various photos, plans, etc etc etc to fill up the space after this – I hate seeing a bare page. Needs an injection of character.

Best get on that.

Sorcha x


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